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Kikuyus are not only good when it comes to business; they are just as good in many other things. 

I live in Kiambu County, so technically, I get to spend a lot of time with many people from the highlands regardless of age, gender or financial status.

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Honestly speaking, I’ve been able to learn a lot from these folks, but one thing still baffles me up to date; they do so much with their cars!

Some weird, but others are actually cool.

So, what are some of these things Kikuyus do with their cars;

1. Pimping Rides Too Much – There’s nothing wrong with making your car look cool, but sometimes I feel like you over do it. I have a neighbour who owns an old model Toyota Corolla that has been properly pimped out complete with huge unnecessary yellow headlights, a chandelier, and Rihanna posters.

2. No Respect For Expensive Cars – As much as Kikuyus love their cars, you’re most likely to meet someone who carries such stuff in expensive cars. (See picture below)



3. Every Car Can Play The Role Of A Pick Up – Apparently a car without a carrier or space for carrying stuff, is considered useless.  True or nah?


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4. Having Their Names/Pictures On Cars – Names are important, and make us feel great but do we really have to paste our names or even pictures on personal cars? I saw a car with a sticker on the back which read ‘NjoroMutho,’. The car apparently belongs to one Njoroge and his wife, Muthoni.

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