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President Moi

Former President Daniel Moi has passed away aged 95 after he breathed his last today morning at Nairobi Hospital where he had been hospitalized.

For kids born in the ’70s, ’80s and 90’s we know that he was a man who always meant what he said.

Below are things that current leaders can learn from him,


According to his long time secretary Lee Njiru, the late Moi had a habit of starting his days as early as 4:00 pm.

Unlike current leaders who get late and inconvenience Kenyans by rushing on the wrong side of the road.

What they can do is wake up early, use the right side of the road after all Kenyans are the ones funding your lifestyle as a leader.

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Love for the environment

During Moi’s era, there was a rule, if you cut down one tree plant two more, thus during his time the forest cover was vast.

He would also advocate for the building of gabions something the current leaders only read about in the news.

Kenyans are currently grappling with flooding, droughts and very little forest cover.

Interactions with the citizens

Unlike current leaders who have made it almost impossible to reach them, Moi made it a point of reaching out to citizens by randomly visiting churches, schools, etc.

Not abusing other leaders

The current bread of leaders is always in a contest to abuse each other. Some insults are vapid and vitriolic that even the devil would cringe on hearing them.

Moi did not abuse people in public but if he had to he did it with so much finesse you needed a wise man to interpret his speech. Current leaders can borrow from

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Asking for forgiveness when you wrong others

Moi at one time publicly asked for forgiveness from all people who wronged him and also forgave all those people who had abused/wronged him.

That is something that leaders can learn, asking for forgiveness does not make you less of a man.

His word was authority.

Back in the day if he made an order for the price of commodities to go down they did unlike right now where leaders flaunt orders.

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