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Actress and content creator Tabitha Gatwiri awarded by YouTube

Actress and YouTube content creator Tabitha Gatwiri alias Gatwiri has been awarded the Prestigious YouTube Award Silver Button.

Gatwiri shared the good news with her followers on Instagram.

She wrote;

“Woman crush Wednesday. I did it💃💃
Grateful to all of you for the great support â�¤ I wouldn’t be sitting here if you didn’t give me your time and support. Be blessed and may God see you/us through this tough time. We fight another day🇰🇪 we get better at it each day.#silverbutton #100ksubs #wcwâ€�

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Actress and content creator Tabitha Gatwiri awarded by YouTube
Comedian Desagu also congratulated Gatwiri saying;

Help me Congratulate our Meru Girl @iam_gatwiri as she received her Silver Button Award from Youtube for Passing over 100k Subscribers on Youtube. You are really talented and a hardworker God Bless you as you now Target 1M subscribers. Fika youtube and Subscribe to Gatwiri Youtube Channel Link on her bio� wrote Desagu.
She replied “Thank you sana. Ingekua si wewe I wouldn’t have started this channel. Thank you for uplifting us and always supporting us. Bless youðŸ™�â€�

Desagu recently reached half a million subscribers on his YouTUBE CHANNEL.

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