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All about Phidelia Mutunga, the Miss Supranational representing Kenya in Poland

Phidelia Mutunga, Miss Supranational Kenya, will be representing Kenya in Poland in June.

This is an annual international beauty pageant that brings together people from all around the world.

“’Supranational’ means going above countries or when a group of countries come together in unity,”

The platform, she explained, is all about giving back to community, giving people a chance to show the world their goals, ambitions, what they’re truly passionate about and most of all, showing compassion towards the less fortunate and making a difference in the society.

Mutunga is optimistic about winning the pageant. “It’s a fun yet very tough competition that will require hard work, resilience and a positive mindset,” she said.

“I’m honoured to represent my country in such a renowned pageantry, and I’m positive it’s not only going to be a lovely experience but also a great journey into shaping my modelling career.”

All about Phidelia Mutunga, the Miss Supranational representing Kenya in Poland

This time round, the selection was done online. Mutunga’s love for modelling was propelled by her aunt, whom she watched on TV adverts and pageants.

“This was a huge motivation for me. As a child, I generally loved cute accessories and playing around with make-up. So yes, it’s something that I thought about from an early age and got the courage to start at high school,” she said.

Mutunga intends to use her title to create impact and change people’s lives, championing for children with disabilities and the initiative against FGM, volunteering to the less fortunate, sharing compassion and kindness to the world.

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