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Former Machachari actor Tyler Kamau, commonly know as Baha started his acting at the age of 6. He spoke about the struggles he passed through when he lost his parents.

In 2013, his mother died three years after his father arrived from the States.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Baha says he was 13 years old when his mother died.

“When I lost my mum I was 13, I was just an early teen so ndio nilikuwa nimeanzia life hapo ile ya unajua teenage mtu hukuwa naive. Kuna social class fulani nilikuwa nimeingia nanimeingizwa coz of my name that I couldn’t cope under and my mum was taking care of that.”

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Two years later, he lost his father in 2015 due to complications of organs and he speaks that the family was in his back to help him in struggles that he was passing through.

He thanks Royal Media services his bro and aunt Naomi Kamau currently a producer for Mother-Inlaw TV show,  for helping him in through the difficult moments.

Currently, he makes short films and have a vlog of a young couple featuring him and his girlfriend. He is planning to be back for real acting after taking off for a little while.

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