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Brenda Wairimu gets emotional talking about late parents and Size 8

Award-winning actress Brenda Wairimu who is on holiday at the Pride Inn in Mombasa, took time off her Vacay to hang out with her fans online.

The Monica Series actress was bombarded by questions about her acting career.

One fan asked, how she got into acting

I was in university my dad wasn’t doing very well. I always get emotional when I talk about this. I was broke, I saw there were auditions for changing times, two weeks later I saw Size 8 was also at the auditions of the show, I knew I did not get it.

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Brenda gave up hope because she thought Size 8 with her already established brand had bagged the role.

“Another two weeks later I was called in and that is how it started. I really try my best to always get better at things I love doing and acting is at the top of that list.”

Did you struggle?

“I did go for other auditions I don’t remember what they were for. I was still a struggle because we were many, there is no formula, It was basically down to luck and i got more jobs after that.”

She added,

“When I was starting out many many years ago, This was the dream, I wanted to be among the best, the top, now that I’m here it is okay that people say that  {I’m the goat} it is fine.”

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Fans pointed out that she has added weight ad asked what the secret was.

“I think it happens when you get older. because it just kinda happened, pa! when I hit 30. so, yeah, now I’m even wondering how to lose it. The secret to adding weight is, eat. number 2 is, don’t date nobody, stay single. If i want to lose weight saa hii I get into a relationship.”

Her followers egged her on telling her there are good men out here.

“Which good guys? where are they?” she asked.

Are you single?

“Why? why do you want to know, why? why?” she asked smiling, 

Brenda got emotional on the Insta-live as she responded to a question on what the scariest moment was.

“It was when I lost my parents. I don’t want to cry so let’s go to the next question.”

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