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Brenda Wairimu narrates how her ‘big’ lips landed her first paid advert

Kenyan actress Brenda Wairimu has shared on how something she hated ended up as a blessing in disguise after landing her a job.

The mother of one shared a photo of herself narrating how she hated her lips yet the same lips made her land ever first ever paid advert.

I hated my big lips growing up, they ended up being the reason I got this gig…there is a lesson in there somewhere ðŸ¤�
Remember the beginning….
Throwback to my first ever paid advert, years ago ���

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In the past, different celebrities have shared things they hated about themselves.

Jacky Vike known to many as Awinja said she hated her jaw as it made her be ridiculed by kids when she was growing up. Sharing a photo of herself in a past post the mother of one shared.

So wacheni niwapatie ka story, You would never have seen a close up picture of myself because I was always told ‘Ukona JAWS MBAYA! JAWS ZA WABABA, JAWS ZINAKAA MBAO IMECHONGWA , JAWS ZA KANYE WEST, JAWS ZA MTU HAJAKULA MIEZI KADHAA, JAWS UGLY!!! Etc etc… 😳

I would only show a close up on video since I knew how to maneuver and hide them, I would always have long braids/wigs to hide, some make up artist used to tell me “you have a beautiful jawline� I used to ignore because I thought ni chocha tu to make me feel good.

Awinja went on to add,

I later realized this is something I cannot change, and therefore I chose to Embrace them, by donning short hair or show them more.

Clearly people may make you hate some part of yourself so you grow up knowing, your forehead is ugly or Arms or legs etc, what I can say is, DO NOT ALLOW!

Those comments to get to you because they will be affecting you as you carry them, so here I am accepting each and every “Flaw� Pole pole�� #wcw

Nyce Wanjeri also said she hated her eyes adding that they are now the biggest asset in her acting career.

I hated my eyes they are big and I was, aaah okey I am still slender now they are my asset in acting �. Go girl thanks for this reminder.

Dan Sonko added,

Mimi na hii kichwa yangu kubwa kitu nimesumbua watu Read More…