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China celebrates virus success as Europe suffers

Chinese President Xi Jinping (C) hands a medal to Zhong Nanshan (L) — the country’s most famous medical expert who emerged as the face of China’s fight against Covid-19 © AFP / NICOLAS ASFOURI

Beijing, China, Sep 8 – China’s leaders held a triumphant ceremony to celebrate beating the coronavirus on Tuesday, as billions of people around the world still suffer the fallout from the pandemic and the global death toll nears 900,000.

The upbeat mood in Beijing comes as concerns grow about a resurgence of Covid-19 across Europe, with France tightening restrictions, cases in Britain spiking and schools resuming around the region in recent days.

Worldwide infections to date now stand at more than 27 million and over 890,000 people have died from the disease, with the pandemic showing no sign of peaking.

China celebrates virus success as Europe suffers

Number of Covid-19 deaths by country as of September 7 at 1100 GMT © AFP

But in China the virus has been all but banished through a combination of lockdowns and travel restrictions earlier in the year that have officials touting the nation as a coronavirus success story.

President Xi Jinping said China had passed “an extraordinary and historic test” during an awards ceremony for medical professionals decorated with bugle calls and applause.

“We quickly achieved initial success in the people’s war against the coronavirus,” Xi said.

“We are leading the world in economic recovery and in the fight against Covid-19.”

China celebrates virus success as Europe suffers

The New Delhi metro reopened on Monday after a five-month closure © AFP / Noah SEELAM

The nation’s propaganda machine has been attempting to seize the narrative surrounding the pandemic, reframing the episode as an example of the agility and organisation of the Communist leadership.

Xi had stern words for China’s doubters, saying “selfish moves, any buck-passing and deeds that confuse right and wrong” risked inflicting damage across the world.

Beijing is also touting progress on its vaccines as a sign of global leadership and resilience.

China put its homegrown Covid-19 vaccines on display for the first time at a Beijing trade fair this week and authorities hope the jabs will be approved for use by year-end.

The vaccines are among nearly 10 worldwide to enter phase 3 trials, typically the last step ahead of regulatory approval, as countries race to stub out an illness that continues to ravage large Read More…China celebrates virus success as Europe suffers  China celebrates virus success as Europe suffers  China celebrates virus success as Europe suffers  China celebrates virus success as Europe suffers