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A patient who was admitted at the Nairobi Hospital after being diagnosed with Covid-19 has penned a heartfelt letter to those who took care of him.

The patient who identifies himself with the moniker Thomas wa Corona showed his appreciation for the medical professionals and all staff at the hospital.


“This is just a quick note of gratitude for the excellent and thankless work you’ve all collectively and individually done to make sure my and other patients’ stay here was as seamless as and comfortable as possible. I’ll forever be grateful,” wrote Thomas.

He also apologized for being a difficult patient.

“My sincere apologies for having to put up with me bad behaviour from time to time in your already daunting task of dealing not only with me as a patient, but one with Covid-19, an uncharted territory even for you as professionals. Please accept my apology. I truly didn’t mean to offend and or make your already difficult work more,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, to show appreciation for health workers battling the pandemic in the frontline, at noon every Wednesday, journalists and Kenyans working in different sectors will for a minute be applauding the health workers.


Kenyan health workers join a growing chorus of their counterparts across the globe, who say they’re battling the virus with far too little armour as shortages force them to reuse personal protective equipment.

The health workers have to expose themselves to the risk by taking care of unnoticed coronavirus patients, while some are staying away from their families to avoid transmitting the virus to them.

At least 14 health workers in a city hospital are currently under quarantine after coming into contact with a Covid-19 patient, who did not disclose his travel history while being triaged.

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