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Over a year after saying she doesn’t want more babies, DJ Pierra Makena has now hinted that she might just be ready for baby number two.

The mother of one, in a post on Instagram, said she was ready for ‘another of this humans’ referring to her daughter Ricca.

In previous interviews, Dj Pierra had mentioned how proud she was of herself and what she had achieved as a single parent.

“A proud Mother.I think i need to get another of this humans…🤣 im not soo badly off. I thought bringing up a child would be a disaster but heey….look at me now! ( chrisbrowns voice),” she captioned a picture of her and her four year old daughter.

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The former Tahidi High actress has been raising her daughter all by herself after her baby daddy left as soon as he heard she was pregnant.

In early posts on her Instagram page, the female disc jockey said she had initially thought raising a child without a father would be a devastating experience but she realised she was strong and capable of raising Ricca alone.

“I thought raising my child without the father would be disastrous only to realise we just panic and think we can’t do without a man’s help… yet we are capable and strong. I have become more hardworking… independent and superhero,” she wrote in a previous Instagram post.

After the incident, Dj Pierra Makena then revealed that she would adopt more children as opposed to getting pregnant again.

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