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Comedian Jalang’o has for the first time talked about what is sending artistes into depression and straight to their graves.

Jalang’o made the remarks on his Instagram page just days after yet another comedian, Joseph Musyoki Kivindu Kasee, died after battling depression.


Kasee, was found dead in Kinoo, Kiambu County on Sunday evening.

News of Kasee’s death brought to light the artiste’s untold suffering that saw him drop from the limelight.

The deceased artiste ended performing at local bars in Kinoo just to make ends meet.

“It is sad that in the past few months we have lost several artistes in my industry…ART! This Saturday we lay to rest Kasee of Churchill show… May God rest your soul in Peace…,” Jalang’o saoid.

“Where do I even begin with this message? Ok… First I must say I don’t even once interact with Kasee so I don’t want to lie or say anything about him but just say RIP,” he went on, before dishing out some advise to fans.

He asked them not to judge artistes or set standards for them as they are all human.


He further lamented how the standard fans set for artistes have pushed some of them to depression and early graves.

“My message goes to the fans! When you see us on TV doesn’t mean we are rich! We are just normal Kenyans who are known or famous, so don’t judge or set standards for us! You will kill us!!” he wrote.

Jalang’o also advised his fellow artistes to be patient and trust the progress as it also took him time to be where he is today in the entertainment industry.

“Let them laugh at you but build your brand! Work on yourself, be the brand you’ve always wanted to be! Be humble people! You will not make money even in 5 years but if you are consistent it will come! Don’t fake it! Be yourself!! Be you!,” he said.

He also asked artistes not to run to drugs and alcohol to sort out their problems as it will only make matters worse.

“Drugs and alcohol will take the truth away for a minute then you will be back to reality! Reach out… talk to us, let us know what you are going through! We are your big brothers! Don’t fall in the trap! Live to your standards! You are not Churchill, you are not Jalas, you are not Eric! Build your brand!! It can’t happen Read More…Don’t judge or set standards for us, Jalang’o tells fans  Don’t judge or set standards for us, Jalang’o tells fans  Don’t judge or set standards for us, Jalang’o tells fans  Don’t judge or set standards for us, Jalang’o tells fans