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‘Fake friends deserted my family at our lowest moment,’ – Saumu Mbuvu

Saumu Mbuvi, daughter to ex-Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi has said she and her family have lost a lot of friends in the past months.

The Mbuvi’s have been going through some challenges ranging from Saumu being in an abusive relationship with Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip.

Her dad was also impeached as the Nairobi governor, he also got sick and has been in and out of court over corruption allegations.

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Speaking during an interview with Terence and Milly Chebby the mother of two shared,

‘I have lost a lot of friends, appreciate the people who appreciate you.

During our lowest moments in the family we lost a lot of friends as people showed their true colors.

I now have two friends, my family is the strongest support I have and my daughters.’

Saumu says she misses life when they were growing up in Umoja.

‘Life was simple we had no camera and titles, life was simple and I miss that life. There were a lot of real and genuine people in your life. Nowadays there are too many fake people.

She advised,

When relationships get ugly walk away, life is precious. Do not allow a man to mistreat you, put yourself first.

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