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‘Feeling lost, broke and alone,’ former TPF star Magdaline Muckoya on life after fame

Former Tusker Project fame contestant Magdaline Muckoya has opened up about how hard life has been.

In a long social media post Magdaline narrated how family and friends have deserted her at her time of need.

She is jobless, alone, dejected and in financial doldrums.

Magdaline wrote, “It is said when you post something on fb, you are basically hanging out your laundry. Dirty or clean I shall leave it here anyway.

‘Feeling lost, broke and alone,’ former TPF star Magdaline Muckoya on life after fame

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Troubled to the core, no job, no mentor, nothing seems genuine, no family, nothing to run home to. Brave face with colgate smiles but broken shattered dreams under this melanin.


“My apologies to whom I have muted on, it’s not by choice. I have tried to pick my pieces be a strong role model for my fast growing princess but in vain.”

The former reality show star who has released a number of singles said that her search for a job has not been forthcoming for years now.

“What is a great voice when no one appreciates to accept my CV for media or familiar jobs? What is a great voice with depth compositions when I have no finances for the studio? What is education for when my degree hasn’t landed me to my dream job? What is the meaning of family when all I have faced my whole life is hell, insults, loneliness & rejection?”

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The long post had cryptic messages about her will to keep fighting.

“What magic is performed so the earth opens and swallows up a person, can it be performed asap and take me plus mine for leaving her behind to this cruel, toxic world we call home is unimaginable?”

She continued,

“I ask again, what is the meaning of family? Is it blood or water??? Well, now you know that I am not perfect, I break too and into minute many pieces and need no pity or encouraging wierds/messages (they are not bills, food or peace for my child) but immediate solutions or just prayers.”

“I know there is a God in heaven and I need Him to come down by Himself and not to send anyone or I just carry mine Read More…