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Saumu Mbuvi

Entrepreneur Saumu Mbuvi is not letting anything pull her down.

Her goal is to be a sucess in whatever she does.

She wrote on her social media,

“While some girls are searching for rich husbands, I’m  focusing on being a rich wife.”

‘Focusing on being a rich wife,’ Saumu Mbuvi states

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Of late gossip pundits have been whispering about her split with hubby – Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip.

She fanned the flames of that rumour further by sharing a funny meme of a a man laughing sarcastically over a promise made to him by his bae.

It read,

“When someone says to me. ‘I truly love you and I won’t hurt you.’.”

The reaction to that statement is captured in the meme below as shared by Saumu.

‘Focusing on being a rich wife,’ Saumu Mbuvi states

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In another Instagram story, Saumu who was hanging out with her lawyer pal, Nice Muthoni, shared an even more telling lyric from Rotimi’s Love Somebody hit song.

She shared the lyric,

“Until you love somebody
Like one, two, three
Trust me you haven’t lived
Until you love somebody

‘Focusing on being a rich wife,’ Saumu Mbuvi states

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