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Friends show support for actor Ainea Ojiambo after gun drama on Moi Avenue

Yesterday evening, three thugs attacked actor Ainea Ojiambo trying to steal his silver necklace.

He resisted and shot back at them. Unfortunately, a bystander and a guard were shot. The guard died on the spot and the bystander was rushed to hospital.

Watch the CCTV footage of the incident below.

Fans and friends of Ainea have shown support for him. Here are some of their messages posted on his social media.

Cliff Mboya wrote, “Bro, Ojiambo Ainea, That was high-class self-defence…🤝

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Halish Halish came to the actor’s defence saying, “CBD has become something else and people have to protect themselves. Ojiambo Ainea may justice prevail we can all see this in the clip it was self-defence. If things aren’t handled right,  Insecurity will be the order of the day…So sorry to the security guard’s family.”

King Ronald Mswati said, “Insolidarity with my brother Ojiambo Ainea you shall pull through.”

Nimo Wairimu added, “Hao vijana wote preying on one person… Ata kama… Olundi hao… They are lucky leo haikua siku yao but hawAtawAi jaribu mwingine… Good job Ojiambo Ainea quick recovery.”

Sandy Oyugi encouraged the actor saying, “You got this💛👊🏿💪🏿

Martoh Muriithi added, “As we can all see in this video Ojiambo Ainea acted in a self defense.. These ordinary thugs need to be stopped.”

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