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Divorce art

In recent years divorces have been on the increase, this leaves one wondering when the rain started beating us. Who is to blame in such an instance?

Below are some of the most common reasons why people break up.


This is the biggest reason why most marriages break; this is because most women cannot stay in a relationship where they are the providers for long.

Even the bible states that the man should be the provider, when he does not provide intentionally or not a woman will start losing respect for such a man.

As a man, it’s wise for you to try and provide no matter how little you think it is.


This is a situation in which a couple is not able to get kids whether temporarily or permanently in a marriage.

The couple may be OK with the situation at first but with time, pressure mounts from friends, in-laws, and society as a whole, and such couples end up divorcing.

Such breakups are especially painful when medical reports indicate that the couple is in good condition to bear kids but they are not patient enough.

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Lack of sex

Minor as it may sound lack of sex in a relationship can lead to a breakup. This is because women constantly want to feel wanted and one way to do so is through sex.

Men also want to have their sexual urges fulfilled.

At times when a woman is on family planning or has given birth the urge for sex may go down and this may cause cracks in a marriage.

Some people have been through sexual abuse in the past and may not be comfortable having sex.

For some, they just don’t love sex as it feels like a chore.

Interference from external sources

Such sources may include friends, in-laws, workmates, or neighbors.

Listening too much to what other people say may make one start losing trust in their spouse.

It’s up to a wise person to pick what is good and what isn’t otherwise some people will be celebrating your breakup.

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Continued infidelity

Shocking as it may seem, people rarely divorce due to infidelity, unless it’s a case where the cheating is continuous.

There are instances where a man will sire so many kids outside marriage, bring home STI’s and STD’s

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