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NAIROBI, Kenya, June 1 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has directed the Ministry of Education to, within a month, issue a policy framework that will comprehensively recognize individuals  in the Jua Kali sectors  and allow their unrestrained participation in the economy

Kenyatta, in his address during the 58th Madaraka Day event, said the policy intervention will address inequity in tendering for contracts and expand the opportunities for Jua Kali artisans and craftsmen who are largely left out in various economic sectors.

“This policy intervention will expand the opportunities for artisans and craftsmen in our Jua Kali sector to participate meaningfully in our economy,” he said.

Under the new framework, the Kenya National Qualifications Authority will be required to award such individuals with certificates, based on their competence level.

“This initiative will provide a framework for recognition of the skills through awards of certificates, based on competence, to better enable them to participate in various economic opportunities,” he said.

Ultimately, Kenyatta said the new plan will restore the dignity and guarantee sustainable livelihoods while giving every Kenyan, an opportunity to participate in economic development.

This move is also seen as part of the government’s effort to support low-level income earners who have been largely left behind by previous regimes despite their input to the economy.

“The dignity we seek to restore through sustainable livelihoods will give every Kenyan, an opportunity to participate in economic development,” he added.

Kenyatta reaffirmed his government’s agenda on creating an enabling environment that offers every Kenyan an opportunity to participate in the economy.

Among the projects his regime is focused on include the building and equipping of hospitals in the informal settlements of Nairobi.

Similarly, he noted that “in only 6 years, we have 54 renal units with 360 state-of-the-art dialysis machines distributed among all 47 counties.”

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