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NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 22- All in-person court operations and services at Meru Law Courts were on Sunday suspended for two weeks, after some of the staff tested positive for COVID-19.

Chief Justice David Maraga said the suspension of operations takes effect from Monday but all urgent matters will be dealt with virtually.

Maraga further stated that the presiding judge will issue directions on the resumption of regular court operations after necessary testing of the members of staff.

“To minimize the spread of the pandemic, protect public health as well as the health of members of staff, court users and justice sector partners and after consultations with key stakeholders and public officials, in-person court operations are here suspended for 14 days,” Maraga stated.

By November 21, the country had recorded 76,404 coronavirus cases with 1,366 fatalities a worrying trend that threatens the return to nomalcy including schools’ reopening scheduled for January 2021.

Kenya has experienced a surge in the number of infections since September.

The World Health Organization on Thursday launched the ‘Mask Up, Not Down’ campaign that aims to reach over 40 million young people in Africa with positive messages on the correct use of masks through social media, and to combat complacency, fatigue and misunderstanding around COVID-19 prevention measures.

The Council of Governors (CoG) is also set to launch the ‘no mask no service’ campaign on Monday, to sensitize Kenyans on the need to wear face masks all the time.

The Council’s Chair Wycliffe Oparanya told journalists on Friday that the campaign which is to be conducted across all the 47 counties aims at reinforcing the government’s position that personal responsibility is key in the fight against COVID-19 following a surge in infections.

“This will be conducted using all safe means available to pass and share the message and including vernacular radio stations and other communication channels at the county Level,” he said.

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