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Nakupenda, what? Don’t use my photo! Allan Aaron’s ex wife blasts him

Things are about to get bat-ape ridonkulous between Akorino gospel artiste Allan Aaron and his ex-wife Anne Shiku.

Anne did a candid interview where she detailed how Allan up and left her after aliomoka. As in, he went to the States in search of green pastures and left his wife and four children behind.

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In the interview, she even detailed how he returned to their home and packed his things. The hilarious part was when he unplugged the TV set while his children were engrossed watching a cartoon and left with it.

Now, Allan Aaron has unleashed a song, Nakupenda, saying, the past is the past and Anne should embrace him with love, after all.

“love covers a multitude of SIN. LOVE more JUDGE less,” Allan’s song reads in the description box. 


This did not please Anne one bit. Not one bit. She was super angry at this move to use their unresolved issues to advance his career. More so, Anne did not like that the visuals for the song feature her as well.

Anne did not mince her words when she took to the comments section of the Youtube song and called out Allan.

She wrote,

“Allan, note that we are no longer together… Gone are the days when I used to be called yours. Kindly pull down that photo. You don’t have the authority to use it without my consent,” she wrote.

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Here are reactions from other netizens who listened to the audio on YouTube.

John Chege: Keep away from social media. Internet doesn’t forget. What’s that one comment from Ciku Allan.

Pouline Murima: This one of the reasons women we need to fight our battle on our knees and not exposing our dear husband on social media…If God joins you together nothing will ever separate u expect death. Keep praying for your marriage.

Ash World History: When we were complaining and shouting its because we wanted this home stand again. Good and happy to see you guys have closed the differences and your kids will be happy. It shows how you respect your fans. You never answered fans backs but you working to come together. Congratulations 👏👏👏👏


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