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The Different Shades of Anerlise Muigai’s Hair (PHOTO GALLERY)

Anerlisa Muigai is well known for her outstanding weight loss journey and the encouragement; that it’s possible, to her fans.

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She has become a favorite of many who show her love on social media with more than fifty comments on every post on Instagram and over five thousand likes.

Common comments are always on how good her hair is, with others asking where she does her hair and what type of hair she has.

Here are the different ways she rocks her hair and looks amazing in every one of them.

We all know she wears her weaves pretty well. Whether straight or curled she pulls off that look perfectly well.

anerlise.straight.hairThe Different Shades of Anerlise Muigai’s Hair (PHOTO GALLERY)

She also does not disappoint when it comes to rocking lines. She likes to do them down with a cut on the side.

anerlisa.e1485178217743 (1)

She impressed the fans as she does her hair in a place where even the normal Kenyan lady does her hair. She posted a picture of her buying ‘dania‘ in Kenyatta Market next to a vegetable vendor who looked very happy attending to her. In her caption, she mentioned going to braid her hair at Kenyatta market.


She said,

“Interesting afternoon as I am going to do my braiding in Kenyatta market. I luv how some Kenyans are full of life :)”

Her comment section was filled with love as people said how humble she is and that is why she is blessed.

lizlenus: down to earth lady….humble urself before the lord he will lift u up….thats u smart lady

nimo_ka_willy: I love your humility and simplicity

And of course when she decides to braid her hair, she styles them very well to match her days outfit.


Here are more looks that impress.

AnerlisaAnerlisa Muigai

The Different Shades of Anerlise Muigai’s Hair (PHOTO GALLERY)
Anerlisa and Ben Pol
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