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We all want to make it in life, for any artist, it is his/her wish to be able to charm fans and win their hearts.

Every artist wants their work to be recognized and appreciated, however, life being the life and unfair as they say it, there are those who will struggle their way up in the ladder, some will end up giving up while others due to their influence thanks to their finances or that of their family will automatically slide into the industry.

The situation especially in the entertainment industry has never been easy, the challenging part is starting off. Coming out of the shell in a quest to shine and being given a chance to be heard has and will always be the difficult part.

As an upcoming musician, the struggle of getting the media to play your song on TV or radio gets frustrating.

You’ll have to seek the necessary people like DJs and presenters to at least feature the song on their playlist. Starting off an artist, full of life and believing in themselves, after all what could go wrong?

You trust in your talent. Hey! Your mother praised you for your song, your friends hailed you and told you to go for it, your best friend is even marketing you to his/her other friends and strangers have told you they like your vibe whether it is true or not, you carry that ego with you knowing very well that that DJ would be asking himself ‘where has he/she been all our lives?’ or probably trust that some celebrity will get to hear your music and sponsor your projects and manage you.

Well, that’s how everyone sees it in the beginning but Nairobi ni shamba la mawe. You are here in the city to shoot for the stars only for your ego to be ruined completely and for the strong-hearted itauma but itabidi uzoee, you push hard till something worthwhile finally comes your way.

You find out that some people in fact most people in the industry are reluctant in pushing your career. Better for you if you have money because you come from a well up family.

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