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US allies welcome Biden win after Trump chaos

Joe Biden has pledged to restore US moral authority in the world © AFP / JIM WATSON

Washington, United States, Nov 7 – US allies on Saturday wasted no time in congratulating Joe Biden on his projected victory, as the president-elect vows to restore America’s global role following President Donald Trump’s chaotic four years in power.

The Republican tycoon has refused to concede defeat and made unsubstantiated claims of fraud but any hopes he entertains of clinging to power face a roadblock as US allies swiftly welcomed Biden and made clear they were moving past Trump.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has had especially tense relations with Trump, sent congratulations to Trump and called the transatlantic relationship “irreplaceable.”

French President Emmanuel Macron told Biden he wanted to “work together,” while Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo wrote pointedly on Twitter, “Welcome back America!”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whom the outgoing US president has fondly called the “Britain Trump,” also turned the page, calling for cooperation with Biden on trade and climate change — one area of major contrast between the president-elect and the fossil fuel-loving Trump.

US allies welcome Biden win after Trump chaos

An activist impersonating US President Donald Trump demonstrates in the Mexican border city of Tijuana after Joe Biden is declared winner of the election © AFP / Guillermo Arias

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has also had comparatively warm relations with Trump, congratulated both Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, whose mother was from India, saying her win was a source of “immense pride.”

Congratulations also came from the European Union, Canada and New Zealand, where Prime Minister Jacinda Adern wished well to “outgoing President Donald Trump.”

The only international leader immediately to take a different tone was Prime Minister Janez Jansa of tiny Slovenia, the birthplace of Trump’s wife Melania, who criticized media projections and noted that Trump’s campaign has lodged legal challenges.

– Restoring ‘moral authority’ –

Biden, 77, will be the most experienced new president in decades on foreign policy.

During a campaign largely focused on Trump’s failure to halt the Covid-19 pandemic, Biden vowed that he would restore US “moral authority.”

After Trump’s flirtation with autocrats, Biden has vowed to hold a summit of democracies within one year of his presidency.

“As president, I will remind the world who we are. The United States of America does not coddle dictators. The United States of America gives hate no safe harbor,” Read More…US allies welcome Biden win after Trump chaos  US allies welcome Biden win after Trump chaos  US allies welcome Biden win after Trump chaos  US allies welcome Biden win after Trump chaos