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The Riyadha Mosque and Islamic Centre, along with a section of the Muslim fraternity in Lamu County, is infuriated by a Kenyan designer whom it accuses of misusing the mosque’s portrait. This comes after US rapper and business mogul Jay Z was spotted coming out of a restaurant in California last week while sporting a T-shirt bearing an image of the mosque.

The T-shirt was designed by Zeddie Lukoye of Blkburd Genes, a local company which has been on a mission to educate people around the world about history, nature, and current affairs.

The move, however, has elicited anger and prompted the Riyadha Mosque’s management, under its Secretary General Abubakar Badawy, to write a letter to Mr Lukoye compelling him to come out publicly and apologise.

In the letter dated April 3, 2021, the mosque explains that the congregation was deeply concerned about the portrayal of their mosque in what they referred to as sacrilegious joints as portrayed on the designer’s social media accounts.’

The management cited a Facebook post made on February 7 last year where a man is said to have worn the T-Shirt with the mosque’s image, yet he appeared to be performing in a bar. It goes ahead to explain why an ‘endorsement’ by someone as famous as Jay-Z is not an honour for the establishment.

“We don’t consider this an honour, nor a privilege, for the historical mosque and its Founder Habib Swaleh for its imagery to be portrayed in such a way. Bars and clubs are an affront to the spiritual respect and dignity of the mosque, its founder, to the congregation, and the general Muslim community within and outside Lamu,” stated Mr Badawy in the letter “We therefore politely request you to show respect for the mosque by removing our Mosque’s portrait on the shirt, to show us that you really do respect the people of Lamu and the Mosque.”

The letter also went ahead to advise the designer to use the moment and learn about Islamic history and the affront that such an action has to their faith.

“We encourage you to keep promoting Lamu. However, kindly in future please consider the cultural relevance of what you choose to portray on your shirts, to make sure you are not appropriating a minority community’s culture and practices to promote something that is contrary to their beliefs,” stated Mr Badawy.

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