Anonymous hacker group warns MPs and rallies behind Kenyans ahead of demonstrations

International hacker group and activist, Anonymous, has warned Kenyan Members of Parliament over the passing of the Finance Bill, 2024.

In a message shared on their official X account, the hacker group said that it has come to their attention that the MPs want to pass a Bill that will heavily tax the people of Kenya.

“It has come to our attention that there are discussions in parliament to pass the Finance Bill, which will unfairly tax the citizens of Kenya,” they said.

Anonymous said that efforts by Kenyans to hold peaceful demonstrations against the Bill have been met with harassment and arrests from the police.

The group warned that with the phone numbers of some of the MPs public, their secrets may soon be made public.

“Fortunately, several phone numbers belonging to members of parliament are circulating online. Soon, there will be an uprising of hackers, many of whom may reside in your home country.

“Your secrets may no longer be safe, and there is a chance that all these secrets will be exposed.”

They said that just like many Kenyans, they do not want the Finance Bill to be amended.

Instead, they want the MPs to reject it in totality.

Anonymous urged the legislators to listen to the cries of Kenyans.

“On Thursday, the 20th of June, Kenyans will march and #OccupyParliament. We do not want you to amend the Finance Bill; we want you to reject it. Listen to the cries of your citizens, or the people of the world will resist you every step of the way. Citizens of Kenya, do not worry, Tuko Pamoja,” the group said.

The warning came even as the office of the Data Protection Commissioner Wednesday warned Kenyans against sharing other people’s personal information publicly.

In a statement, the Data Commissioner said a section of Kenyans who have done so contravened Article 31 of the Constitution.

 “This practice has been happening without the affected citizens’ consent contrary to the provisions of Article 31 of the Constitution of Kenya, the Data Protection Act, 2019 and its attendant regulations.

“In view of the foregoing, the office wishes to advise members of the public to refrain from further sharing of personal information which infringes on individuals’ rights to privacy,” the office said.

It added that some of the information that has been distributed without consent includes names, telephone numbers, locations and details of their family members.

The Data Commissioner also urged those whose information has been shared to file complaints.

“The office encourages any member of the public whose privacy has been violated to file a complaint via [email protected]

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