As schools reopen, the NTSA issues a warning to principals and matatu drivers.

As schools reopen, the NTSA issues a warning to principals and matatu drivers.

To prevent accidents, the NTSA Road Safety Manager, Samuel Musumba, disclosed that the organization will be warning drivers not to drive at night or when there are too many kids in their cars. Additionally, he urged the drivers to reduce the number of trips they make while dropping off pupils at school. He cautioned against increasing travel, saying that the increased danger of accidents is what the authorities feel.

Drivers of public service vehicles (PSVs) were encouraged to make sure their cars were in good working order before every journey to prevent problems while driving. The official also urged car owners to take advantage of the authority’s yearly inspection.

“Ensure your records are up to date to avoid being on the wrong side of the law,” he said.

Musumba also urged school administrators to make sure that no car is left outside the school after the government-mandated cutoff time. All those found guilty would face the law, he forewarned.”While driving, we kindly request that you slow down. Make sure everyone is using a seatbelt to prevent accidents,” he said.

Musumba also counseled drivers to make sure pupils are well-behaved while in their cars. It was requested that drivers forbid students from engaging in lewd activities or drug abuse while traveling.

It was advised that parents take the initiative to engage with their kids and make sure they get to school promptly and safely.

“Parents ensure that your child travels early, remain in communication with the driver, and communicate with the school management to know when the child gets to school,” said Musumba.

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