Azziad Nasenya claps back at critics linking her success to men in unfiltered viral rant

Azziad clapped back in a viral rant in which she also shared how she finances her lavish lifestyle and international trips.

Media personality Azzaid Nasenya has addressed her critics in a viral rant in which she responded to claims by a section of her critics that her international trips are sponsored by men.

In a video shared across her socials, the actress went after those associating her success with men, dismissing them as jealous of her success.

She clarified that she works hard for takes care of herself, including the foreign trips from the proceeds of her hardwork.

“Why is it that when a young girl is successful people have to associate it to men? Why is it like that?

“People are so threatened and jealous of young girls who are making it. I’m travelling and people are like, who is sponsoring the bills? Oooh Nyash Bae! Are you kidding me,” Azziad stated in the video in which she went hard on her critics.

She shared some of the avenues through which she makes money, noting that she wears many hats including a radio presenter, an actress, an entrepreneur and a content creator.

“I work…I’m a radio presenter, actress, content creator, and entrepreneur. I have my own company. And it’s so sad that when guys travel, ooh they have worked hard, they have made it but when females travel somebody else has to be behind their success,” Azziad ranted.

Aggressive go-getters

According to Azziad, Gen Zs are aggressive go-getters who work hard to achieve their dreams.

“Genz Z’s we are go-getters. We work hard. We see an opportunity we grab it and why can’t everybody do it? Alafu haka ka sentence ka Nyash pays her bills. Everybody got nyash, use your nyash if you feel like that is what pays my bills. Use your Nyash lets pay our bills together and stop being jealous,” she added.

“I have noticed, the moment you are on the same level with people, everybody loves you but the moment you level up, they start having a problem. It’s just sad and I think in this life we block our own blessings by being jealous of others. Let’s just learn to clap for other people and stop the jealousy. That’s my advice for the day,” she added.

Azziad shot to fame at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic with the internet falling in love with a clip in which she was seen dancing the the ‘Utawezana’ hit song.

She seized the opportunity and built a brand that has worked with leading companies in the region, and curved a niche for herself as an actor, presenter and content creator.

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