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They say that love can be found anywhere any day. It can be in a church, a brothel, a club or just at the local kiosk. No one really knows.

But did you know some careers provide a higher probability of you meeting your soulmate and life partner?

Below is a well prepared list of such careers.

1. Gym instructors

Most gym instructors are eye candy and it is not a surprise that some women have found their soulmates at the gym.

The down side to this is that gym instructors are rolling stones. They never stay with one partner for long. It doesn’t help that they have a high sexual appetite and an endless supply of willing ladies.

2. Photographers

Photography is a career that easily makes a woman bare herself to a man, who is not her boyfriend.

It is very easy for a photographer to convince a woman to do anything for that perfect photograph. If used well, they can find a soulmate, but if that power is misused, the photographer will leave behind a string of heartbroken lasses.

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The next time your woman says she is going to a studio to get her photos taken, be on the look out, be very vigilant, actually just accompany her.

‘I was left paralyzed in my quest to lose weight’ – Evelyne Wanjiru

3. Rugby players

Most of these guys are well built and strong enough to fulfill any woman’s sexual fantasies.

Mambo ya kudeal na skinny boys hapana tambua.

Case closed.

Careers you can easily find love and meet your soulmate

4. TV hosts

They are handsome, successful and mostly carry the tag ‘celebrity’. That alone acts as chic magnet.

Most TV hosts do not even make an effort to court a women after all women he has a coterie of damsels throwing themselves at them .

Careers you can easily find love and meet your soulmate


Most models are tall dark and handsome, everything that women look for in a man.

Need I say more?

Careers you can easily find love and meet your soulmate
Male Models


6. DJ 

These guys not only know how to spin on the decks but also outside the decks.

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