Court postpones ruling in Monica Kimani’s murder after Maribe Jacque falls ill.

Update: The High Court has deferred the case surrounding the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani after former Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe failed to appear in court due to sickness.

Court postpones ruling in Monica Kimani's murder after Maribe Jacque falls ill.

Lady Justice Grace Nzioka stated that all parties must be physically present in court to ensure the legal system’s integrity.
Due to unexpected circumstances, she postponed the judgment to Friday, March 15, 2024.
“There is no provision for virtual today, and if you say you’re sick, I have no idea where you are. The integrity of the court procedures must be upheld. “I’d rather have an open court appearance,” she stated.

The High Court had ordered Maribe’s appearance in court before ruling on the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Court postpones ruling in Monica Kimani's murder after Maribe Jacque falls ill.

Justice Lady Grace Nzioka issued the orders on Friday, after the first accused, Joseph Irungu aka Jowie, appeared in court.
According to reports, Maribe claimed she was on her way to the hospital after apparently becoming ill. However, the judge rejected her arguments, which her defense counsel interpreted as a deception and delay strategy.

The judge will rule on whether Maribe and Irungu are guilty before setting a date for her final ruling.

Last month, Justice Lady Grace Nzioka postponed the decision, citing the fact that she received exhibits a few hours before the judgment, restricting her time to make the finding.

Since Kimani’s death in September 2018, the case has received widespread attention, with observers demanding justice for both the businesswoman’s family and the suspects.
Following the duo’s charge of Kimani’s murder on October 15, 2018, the prosecution called over 44 witnesses in previous court proceedings.

The prosecution claimed that the two conspired to kill the victim. According to lead prosecutor Gikuhi Gichuhi, an investigation of the data revealed that the businesswoman’s blood samples were found on Jowie’s garments. Furthermore, he claimed that Jowie’s phone records showed him at the crime site on the night of the murder.
However, defense counsel led by Professor Hassan Nandwa and Katwa Kigen contended that the prosecution used circumstantial evidence to charge the two individuals.

Lawyer Kigen contended that none of the witnesses accused Maribe of the crime, and no concrete proof tied her to the murder.

Nandwa, on the other side, alleged that prosecutor Gichuhi utilized a bogus hypothesis to claim that Jowie committed the crime with a hidden motive.

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