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NAIROBI, Kenya July 7 – Kenyans have been urged to take personal responsibility in the fight against COVID-19, as numbers surged to 8,250 with 167 deaths.

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe said lifting travel restrictions does not mean Kenyans should now lower the guard.

“Let it be clear that the torch of responsibility as to whether you are safe or not safe has been passed to the normal citizen, the church, the office, county government, has been passed to Kenyans in general. This responsibility is clear and is not difficult,” he said.

Travel restrictions to and from the capital Nairobi, Mombasa and Mandera were lifted on Monday by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He however, extended the countrywide night curfew until August 6.

“The ball, as the saying goes, is in your court and everybody’s court” Kagwe said, urging Kenyans to strictly follow public health regulations which include wearing a mask in public places and washing hands or using a sanitiser regularly.

Kagwe said the government cannot deploy police officers to ensure every citizen is wearing a mask or following any of the key regulations to defeat COVID-19.

“With the easing of the restrictions we can no longer look up to the police enforce adherence of the containment measure because any slight imagination of this is a recipe for disaster because it is not realistically possible to deploy a police officer for every Kenyan,” he said.

He emphasized on the need for Kenyans to keep off crowded places or market centers to avoid exposing them to the virus.

“This is the time when that responsibility is so grave yet so important for us to maintain,” he said.

When the president lifted travel restrictions, he urged Kenyans to avoid non-essential travel upcountry.

“Civic responsibility is not a demand placed on the self by the state. It is not a demand that can be enforced. It is a duty you pay to your fellow countrymen for co-existing with them,” he said.

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