Kirubi Njeri – Lady dancing with Ya Levis speaks about viral moment

Two ladies who shared the stage with Congolese singer Ya Levis during the Raha Fest have gone viral.

One of them, who danced with him in an all-black outfit has opened up about that moment.

She is called Kirubi Njeri and has left girls in awe, as he lifted her and carried her backstage. Kenyans have been wondering what happened after.

Njeri spoke to Presenter Ali, opening up about the moment she got the courage to get on stage.She is 20 years old and a student, who does business.

“I manifested it,” she said about her intention to dance.

Initially, she had wanted to dance with Davido but didn’t go for Day 1 of the festival

” I did not go to Davido Juu I had a red eye. So the next day I was like I will go to Ya Levis, and if you don’t see me on stage, just know I didn’t go. and that’s how it happened”

It was a big deal for her to be on stage with Ya Levis.

“It was because it’s every girl’s dream. so I lived their dream.

He called me for the first time and then I didn’t go. He saw me and he was like oh my God. and like you want to come on stage, and then I was like “shaking her head no.

But her friends convinced her.

“wakaniinua. So that’s how I found myself there. “”I did not take myself on stage. Alipunduka, I was standing there and oh My God, who wants to come on stage? Nikamwangalia and then he was like, you, you want to come, and then I was like no. And then now my friends lifted me and that’s how I got there. But for a moment I was so scared. Very scared. “ she described.

Where did she get the courage?

“I don’t know nilijiambia because I’m on stage I am the star of the show, so let me just do it. “

What about her dance skills?

“I am not a dancer, I don’t know how that came. Sijui. I swear, my friends will tell you, they were like how did you do that? I’m like I don’t even know” Njeri insisted.

The content creator did not expect the moment to go viral. she said it wasn’t a planned dance. “Everybody knows I don’t know how to dance, I don’t know how that happened. I was just like you know what. Thousands are watching me and I wouldn’t let them down so I was just like, let me do it for the moment. Just live for the moment. “

Does she have a boyfriend?

“No nobody is going to cry and be like that’s my girlfriend. I am not going to say I am single but nobody is gonna come and talk” she laughed.

When he lifted her and they disappeared she insists nothing happened.He did not even ask for her number.

“Everybody thinks I went to do something at the backstage. He dropped me there, He went back to perform, I am serious He dropped me and told me thank you for the show and he went back to perform. “

Additionally, she stayed backstage for ten minutes

“We didn’t get a chance to talk so I stayed there for 10 minutes and then my friends called me that come back, then I went there”

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