Family of Eastleigh Man Shot, Robbed KSh 3.9m Narrates His Last Movements: “Alipata Bank Imefungwa”

New information has emerged regarding an incident where armed robbers shot a businessman in Eastleigh on Saturday, March 30.

Why was Eastleigh businessman carrying cash?

Adan Ali Mohamed’s close relative shared with Citizen TV the last movements of the businessman before two armed robbers attacked him.

The relative said Adan, carrying KSh 3.9 million in USD domination, was en route to banking the money covering two-day cooking oil sales.

When the 26-year-old businessman reached the bank, he found it closed and opted to inform his colleague about the development.

His colleague advised him to take a motorbike to return, only to be accosted by the armed assailants less than one kilometer from the bank.

“He was taking two-day sales of cooking oil to the bank. He found the bank closed and called his colleague to inform him.

He was told to take a motorbike, and within a half-kilometer, he was accosted by thieves whose origins were unknown. He was shot and robbed of the money,” the relative said.

He was quickly taken to the hospital, where it was determined that he had sustained a spinal cord injury as the bullet had entered through his neck and exited through his back.

CCTV footage showing Eastleigh shooting

As reported earlier, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage surfaced, showing the daring daylight robbery, in which Adan was injured.

The trending video captured two assailants on a motorbike intercepting the businessman, who was also on a motorbike heading to deposit money at a local bank.

In the video, another boda boda rider intercepted him along Muratina Street, where one perpetrator alighted and shot Adan.

The robber immediately grabbed the KSh 3.97 million, wrapped in green paper, and fled the scene, leaving Adan wounded and robbed.

Well-wishers rushed the businessman to the nearest hospital for treatment.

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