Jalang’o Laments Not Meeting Brian Chira Before His Death: “Ningekaa na Yeye”

Lang’ata Member of Parliament, Felix Oduor, popularly known as Jalang’o, has expressed deep regret for not having met Brian Chira before his untimely demise.

In an interview with Plug TV, Jalang’o revealed his anguish upon watching a video where the late TikTok star pleaded to meet him.

In the video, Chira appeared intoxicated and openly admitted his struggles.

He implored Jalang’o to extend a helping hand. Sadly, Jalang’o did not respond to the plea before Chira’s passing.

Jalang’o wishes he could’ve met Brian Chira

Jalang’o reflected on the lessons he learned from Chira’s death.

In an interview with Plug TV, he lamented not having the opportunity to offer support and a listening ear to the troubled young man.

“Brian Chira’s passing serves as a profound lesson. It deeply saddens me that I only saw the video where he said, ‘Jalang’o, I need your help,’ after he had already passed away. If only I had seen it sooner, I would have sat down with him, listened, and understood his needs. May his soul rest in peace,” he said.

On Saturday, March 30, Chira’s grandmother, accompanied by Baba T and others, embarked on the emotionally challenging task of gathering his belongings from his house.

Baba T disclosed that they were instructed to remove the items as the house had already been assigned to another occupant.

Baba T went live during the process and shared a message from Chira’s notebook.

In the message, Chira talked about struggles with loneliness and unhappiness.

Contents of the message left Kenyans heartbroken, and below are some of the mixed reactions from netizens.

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