Jalang’o Rehires Employee Who Stole Shs2 Million.

Jalang'o Rehires Employee Who Stole Shs2 Million.

Lang’ata Member of Parliament Phelix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o has rehired Eli Khumundu, who stole Ksh2 million from the politician last year with the help of a colleague.

Eli admitted to stealing from their employer after being offered his former position again.

Eli told Jalang’o that his colleague told him that there was Ksh1 million in one of the cars they were washing and that they should run away with it.

“I refused, but after a while I noticed the gate was open and he (the colleague) had run away with the cash, and our images were plastered on social media claiming we had stolen the money,” Eli recounted.

Eli was given a Ksh500,000 pay decrease after reuniting with his coworker. It wasn’t until later that he realized the sum was Ksh2 million, not Ksh1 million.

In an internet video, Jalang’o showed how Eli continued to beg for his old employment even after fleeing.

According to the first-term MP, Eli returned to Bungoma but continued to pester Jalang’o for financial assistance.

“I did not benefit from the money.” “I used part of the money to bribe people while I was on the run, and the rest I brought back,” he explained.

Jalang’o was concerned that his once-trustworthy employee might steal again.

Eli stated that he regretted his actions and would never jeopardize his work or reputation again.

Despite the incident, Eli disclosed that Jalang’o still leaves large sums of cash in his car.

While restoring Eli’s old position, the MP disputed charges that he stage-managed the heist for political gain.

Jalang’o was running for Lang’ata’s parliamentary seat at the time the money was allegedly stolen. He later won the case.

Eli’s coworker, who fled to Laikipia and then Kikuyu following the incident, has yet to be re-employed by Jalang’o.

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