Kenyan Musician Mr. Seed In Hospital After Car Accident At Nanyuki

Kenyan Musician Mr. Seed In Hospital After Car Accident At Nanyuki

The Kenyan gospel singer Mr. Seed (real name Moses Omondi) was seriously injured in a car accident on Saturday night.

According to Mr. Seed’s wife, Nimo Gachuiri, he was in a car with some friends on Saturday heading toward the town of Nanyuki where they were going to see some land.

“The car they were in got into a bad accident we were slightly behind them when we saw a crowd surrounding the scene,” she posted on her Instagram stories.

Gachuiri went on to say that she rushed to the scene and found Mr. Seed motionless on the ground.

A video posted to her social media shows the ‘Dawa ya Baridi’ hitmaker being wheeled into a hospital wing.

According to the musician’s wife, the accident was so severe that several people died.

“I don’t know whether to be happy that some friends survived coz I can’t stop crying because others lost their lives too,” she narrated. 

“I just remember running and seeing them on the ground and begging him to wake up. Some good samaritans helped and we took him to hospital.”

According to Gachuiri, Mr. Seed suffered a fractured pelvis and was placed on “strict two weeks bed rest.”

“I can’t believe my husband is alive. Never been this scared in my life,” she said.

“When they say miracles exist believe them. Seed is okay but in pain. Pray for us and the families of those who did not survive.”

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