Kenyans Decline Orders from Police Officer Without Service Number on His Uniform

There was drama after two motorists resisted orders from a police officer who allegedly entered their motor vehicle and demanded they produce their passports.

In a video that has ignited varied opinions about the conduct of the motorists and the police officers, the enraged civilians are heard asking the police officer to identify himself first and let them know why he entered their car.

“Why do you want to arrest us? What have we done? You cannot just stop our car and enter inside without telling us why you are arresting us. You are doing wrong. This is how corruption begins,” one of the aggrieved citizens is heard saying.

On the other hand, one of the officers in the old Kenya police uniform is persistent and demands cooperation from the arguing civilians.

The officer wonders why the citizens would demand that he present his job identification card, yet he is in uniform, and his orders must be respected.

“You cannot threaten me. You don’t recognise police officers in uniform,” the officer responds.

The motorists, however, reiterated that the officer had not properly identified himself and given them a reason for asking for their passports.

“If you are a police officer, show us your work card. What is your name, then? And let us know what wrong we have done?”They posed.

The officer, under pressure, only identified himself as Michael.

Kenyans weighed in on the confrontation, some accusing the civilians of disrespect, while others said the police officer was wrong because he did not display his service number.

The National Police Service said that uniformed police officers had the authority to enter and search a motorist’s vehicle.

The NPS referenced the Traffic Act (CAP 403).

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