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Kiss My Ride

This is your year fam. It is the year for you to win a brand new ride  all thanks to Kiss My Ride,  where keys to three cars will be up for grabs daily and all you have to do is to register on the Kiss FM website then stay tuned to Kiss FM, because you could be the one who gets to win one of the 3 keys.

Tune in to #KameneAndJalas for your chance to win the key to your new ride. REGISTER NOW at…


If you’re the only one in your squad without a car, this is definitely for you. Mambo ya kuomba lifts is about to end.

If none of y ‘all have a car, this is also for you, omoka so that the gang can make you the squad lead.

Tune in to KISS FM daily at 9am, 2pm and 5pm to know if you’re the one who will walk away with a brand new, zero mileage car. You don’t want your name mentioned na umelala.

Click on the link below to register 

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