Larry Madowo clarifies cheeky April Fools message

The famous international broadcaster’s post had gone viral with many netizens having diverse reactions to it.

Kenya’s international journalist Larry Madowo has confirmed that he is still working at the Cable News Network (CNN).

Previously, the former NTV anchor had claimed to have returned to the news company where he had previously worked, BBC Washington, a claim he has now revealed to be an intentional joke for April Fool’s Day.

Madowo proudly boasted about his three-year tenure at CNN, stating that he had already returned to the BBC, where he worked until 2020.

However, a few hours later, the experienced journalist confirmed that he is still at CNN and clarified that he was just joking with his fans.

He revealed that the photo of him in the BBC studio, which he shared in his initial post, was taken three years ago when he was still working at the news organization.

“This was an April Fool’s joke. I’m still at CNN. But my last job was at BBC in Washington, and this is a real photo from 2020,” he said.

Madowo joined CNN in May 2021, a few months after leaving the BBC.

In July 2021, he was promoted from CNN correspondent in Nairobi to an international journalist for the organization.

He took to social media to update his followers on his new job status. Before working at CNN, Madowo was a BBC North America Correspondent in Washington.

He was also a popular presenter for the BBC World News America program, which is broadcast globally and on PBS stations across the United States.

Kenyan-born Madowo began his broadcasting career at KTN at the age of 20. While announcing his work at CNN, Madowo expressed his joy at working back home.

“Madowo said he enjoyed reporting from the US and around the world, but it’s a great opportunity to return to Africa at such a challenging time in Kenya and across the continent.”

“I’ve long admired CNN International’s award-winning journalism, and I’m honored to join that talented team. I look forward to sharing a full range of life in one of the most powerful parts of the world and CNN’s global audience,” he said.

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