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Life changes… Brenda Wairimu shows of her new family

Actress Brenda Wairimu has highlighted how life can change at a moments notice. She revealed that various life moments have led her to embrace a different family structure.

Brenda opened up about how she lost both her parents and was left to play the role of a breadwinner and nurturer to her kid brother, Franklin.

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Her dad passed on in 2012, she was only 23-years-old. Two years later, she lost her mum,

In a detailed Instagram post, Brenda shared a photo of her new family that includes her kid brother and daughter Amor.

“if you’d have told me years ago that this is what my family would look like…well I probably would believe you because I know life takes turns we don’t expect sometimes. We lose parents, relationships end and you do what you can to adjust to keep living. This is my family, me, my Amor and my little brother.”

Brenda added,

“…Family doesn’t always look like Mr Kamau, Mrs Kamau, Tom and Mary. Sometimes it looks like me, Amor and Franklin. Sometimes it looks like you and your husband. Sometimes wife and wife, sometimes husband and husband… Sometimes it’s just you, and that’s okay too.”

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