Raila Odinga Boards “Nganya” to Work as He Discusses Cost of Living with Passengers.

Raila Odinga Boards

The Azimio la Umoja leader was all smiles as he commuted to work on a public service vehicle, and the passengers who were on board delightedly interacted with him. In a social media video, Raila was seen walking to the bus stage, and he bought some newspapers before the bus’s conductors ushered him into the vehicle with shouts of joy and thunderous claps.

On his way to work, the passengers took advantage of the rare opportunity to share a matatu with him by pouring out their hearts on how they are suffering to make ends meet due to the skyrocketing cost of living. One man who was seated in front of the former prime minister could not hide his frustration saying the cost of living is plunging him into stress and anxiety. Read more: 

“Baba tunaumia, tuambie vile tutafanya,” the man seated ahead of him cried. All the other passengers also tried asking him how he could help them stay afloat.

Raila’s seatmate in the matatu took it upon herself to inform him about the prices of electricity and ugali flour. “A packet of maize flour is now 250. The cost of electricity is also too high,” she said as a woman in the adjacent seat said her electricity bill is now at KSh 5,000 from 2,000.

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