Waititu to Ruto: Why have you forsaken me?


Waititu to Ruto: Why have you forsaken me?

Ferdinand Waititu says that he was one of the people who campaigned and supported President Ruto and his deputy in the past. He even donated his cars, including a customized Toyota Tundra nicknamed “The Beast,” as part of his contribution.

According to Ferdinand Waititu, President Ruto had pledged that once in power, he would dismiss or drop all politically-motivated cases that had been initiated during the tenure of former President Uhuru. Waititu claims that most of these cases have indeed been thrown out, and those who were accused have been acquitted. However, he is perplexed as to why his own case has not been dismissed, especially since some witnesses who had previously testified against him have now recanted their statements.

As a result, Waititu feels isolated and forgotten by his former allies. He admits to having few friends left, and says that his two wives and children are his closest companions.

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