Zari Hassan blasts her husband Shakib Cham

Zari Hassan blasts her husband Shakib Cham

Zari has been exposed after branding her husband Shakib a fool in an audio that was leaked by someone close to her Zari badmouthed the 30-year-old man, saying he lacks self-confidence and always panics every time, especially during visa interviews

The 42-year-old socialite was in the UK last week for a show but failed to show up, citing a disagreement with the promoter who invited her.

Zari refers to hubby as a fool The 42-year-old Ugandan socialite turned businessman communicating with someone, lamenting about Shakib’s behavior, saying he doesn’t believe in himself, and that turns her off. Zari urged the person to brief her husband on everything when he was going to apply for a UK visa, ahead of their travel. The businesswoman was set to perform in the UK last week but didn’t, blaming her promoter for not paying her.

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