The high court upholds the ruling that affordable housing levy is illegal.

President William Ruto has reaffirmed his determination to continue with the Affordable Housing Programme, despite criticism and hurdles.

The high court upholds the ruling that affordable housing levy is illegal.

Ruto, speaking in Meru County minutes after the Court of Appeal confirmed the High Court’s verdict declaring the levy deductions unlawful, stated that he would listen to Kenyans’ concerns before continuing the project.

While it was unknown whether the head of state was told of the Appellant Court’s ruling, Ruto compared Kenyans’ voices to those of God.

The Head of State insisted that the housing plan was crucial and had created job possibilities for Kenyans. His words raised more questions about his next line of action, as the matter has yet to be decided.

In addition, the head of state deviated from his previous criticism of the judiciary, which he accused of corruption and obstructing his accords. On Monday, the President met with the Chief Justice and head of the Judiciary, Martha Koome, and the Speaker of the National Assembly, Moses Wetangula, to stop the disagreement that had sparked national attention.

“I’ve heard what the opposition is saying, and they oppose the housing program. I inquired what the alternative was, and they replied Maandamano.

“We believe that the public interest favors denying the requested stay or suspension. The public interest weighs in favor of awaiting the resolution of the issues presented in the expected appeals,” the Court determined.

Public participation in the Affordable Housing Bill is still ongoing in many parts of the country.

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