Akothee’s Omosh was a SCAM.

Akothee and Omosh had a lavish wedding, only for it to end three months later.

Akothee's Omosh was a SCAM.


Allow me thank everyone that prayed for me in silence, everyone that walked me through the journey , I have come out of a very dangerous zone, and I have been healing in private , I am on my second month of therapy The trauma I went through after finding out the truth and some ugly stuff that left me shaking Went days without food & No sleep , questioning and answering myself , it has been very heavy 🙏 some days , a night will just break into a day with me looking outside the window guessing at nothing 🤔, I would be shaking for reasons I can’t explain, and just remember,I still had work to do, A family and an empire to protect .

I still had to put on a strong Face and entertain my fans 🙏. .I thank All my close friends and family, especially my Children, my mom Beatrice Schnelli-Okello and my best friend, Nellyoaks , PLO , Vj Adams ,

For being part of my strength. I would not have done it without you 💪. Nellyoaks has been on speed dial he would call me nonstop and would panic when my phone went off , my children equally especially the girls made sure we had a face timer just to check if I am okey 🙏 Rue Followed me to Europe in fear of Losing me , baby sitted me until I could stand on my feet 💪.

I started by monitoring my behaviors , I realized I was breaking down quite often for no reason 🤔, even just a simple interview 🤔I had become emotionally unstable, and I couldn’t put a finger on it . I never knew about Emotional Abuse , until I started therapy 🙏
I was in a bad state of mind that got me pay 50,000 ksh per hour for an hour session with the first therapist 🤔,I was shaking and lose of energy, appetite ,sleep ,panic attacks and even lost motivation in doing things I loved to do 🙏

I request All of you to stay calm , keep praying for me and my family 🙏 Please Blogers I know this is some sweet gossip, but I ask you to give me some private moments. Allow me to go through this, and once everything is okay and I am stable enough to talk about it, I will be back with good news.
We are fixing some stuff off cameras. ,I don’t want to hurt anyone, not even you reading this , at all.
I love you 🙏

Akothee's Omosh was a SCAM.

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