The IEBC has informed the Ichung’wa – Kalonzo team that election servers are ready.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) team, led by CEO Marjan Hussein Marjan, agreed on Friday to unlock the servers utilized in the 2022 general election.

The IEBC has informed the Ichung'wa - Kalonzo team that election servers are ready.

While testifying before the National Dialogue Committee (NDCO), IEBC ICT director Michael Ouma stated that the servers were available for forensic analysis by independent auditors.

“I want to say that the servers are available for forensic audit, yes, I confirm, at any time, and that they were used to process the exact replica of the physical forms that are available,” he stated.

The IEBC Secretariat made the announcement after the National Dialogue Committee team inquired as to why the agency would be forced to release the servers.

“I’ve heard people say open the server, but under what circumstances would you open the server, and is there a legal framework that allows that to happen or not?” Cecily Mbarire inquired.

The commission expressed confidence in the legitimacy of the statistics available on the servers, noting that the figures on the servers match those on the physical forms.

“On the other side, the server’s role was nothing more than taking a replica of that physical form and making it available to the portal,” the ICT director clarified.

“We are confident that if an audit is conducted, you will see those forms and the servers used to process them and confirm if the images of the forms we have—46,2001 of them—are the exact replicas as those signed in the polling stations.”
This comes as Kenya Kwanza and Azimio argue over the opening of the servers used to conduct the 2022 national elections.
Raila Odinga, the head of Azimio la Umoja, has repeatedly sought the opening of the servers for review, accusing IEBC of electoral misconduct.

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