Jowie recalled that it was a text-message exchange that had led him to shoot himself.

Jowie recalled that it was a text-message exchange that had led him to shoot himself.

During the court proceedings, he described how an argument ensued between him and his ex-fiance Jacque Maribe over some messages on her phone.

Jowie said it wasn’t the first time they’d had such an argument.

He explained that the situation had escalated and that he was intoxicated and angered by the content on the phone. According to him, he had wanted to leave the house as the message was repetitive and he did not want to listen to her. Although he did not disclose what he had seen, he had informed one of their friends about it.

Jowie then proceeded to gather his clothes, and in the heat of the moment, he accidentally fired a gun that belonged to Brian. Jowie claimed that he had forgotten he had the gun with him, and it went off while he was throwing and removing his belongings from the house. This is how he accidentally shot himself.

Jowie Irungu, who is suspected of involvement in the murder of Monica Kimani, provided an account on Thursday about how he suffered a gunshot wound that same day.

He told the court how an argument had broken out between him and his ex-fiancee Jacque Maribe, when he saw messages on her phone.

Maribe and Jowie were arrested in September 2018 and charged with the murder of Kimani. Maribe was also charged with the illegal possession of a firearm. The two pleaded not guilty to the charges.

During the trial, the prosecution argued that Maribe and Jowie were together on the night that Kimani was murdered and that Maribe had knowledge of the crime but failed to report it to the police. The prosecution also presented evidence that Jowie’s gun was used in the murder.

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