Adan Duale publishes a book with a title For the Records

Adan Duale publishes a book with a title For the Records

Adan Duale, the former Majority Leader of the National Assembly in Kenya, published a book titled “For the Record, the book is set to be launched today 11/5/2023. The book is a memoir that reflects on his political career, experiences, and achievements as a member of parliament for over 20 years.

Duale, who hails from the North Eastern region of Kenya, started his political career as a councilor before becoming a member of parliament in 2007. He rose through the ranks to become the Majority Leader in 2013, a position he held until 2020.

In “For the Record,” Duale shares his journey as a politician, including his victories and defeats, his relationships with other politicians, and his contributions to the development of his constituency and the country at large. He also touches on his role in the Jubilee Party, which he helped form in 2016, and his experience as a Muslim in a predominantly Christian country.

The book has received mixed reactions, with some praising Duale for his candidness and others criticizing him for leaving out important details. Despite the criticism, the book has sparked conversations on the role of politicians in Kenya and the need for more transparency in government.

“For the Record” provides readers with insights into the life of one of Kenya’s most prominent politicians and sheds light on the political landscape of the country.

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