ODM condemns attack on Senator Omtatah’s rural home

The Orange Democratic Movement has called for investigations following an attack on the rural home of Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah that left one person injured.

The attackers reportedly demanded to know Omtatah’s whereabouts on Wednesday night.

The party condemned the attack saying Kenyans and leaders should be protected.

“We condemn in the strongest terms possible the continued harassment of the Senator of Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah, the latest being the raid on his rural home by unknown people who were demanding to know his whereabouts,” the statement reads.

“Every Kenyan including leaders must be guaranteed their safety at all times. We call on the government to move quickly and investigate the claims.”

The attackers reportedly harassed his relatives for nearly an hour, as they demanded to be taken to the senator’s house.

Senator Omtatah was not at home at the time.

“We do not know who those people were but we suspect they were in the compound for some time because they claimed they knew the compound very well. I left home on Tuesday evening after a series of functions only to be called at 2 am to be told there were people in my compound looking for me,” the senator told the Star.

“I do not meet anyone at night. Those who want to see me know they can see me during official working hours but not at night.”

The incident was reported to the local police who visited the home.

“We are aware of this incident and have launched investigations to find out who this people were and what their motive was,” the area OCPD Alice Tedanyong said.

Last month, Omtatah was stoned by people he suspected were hired goons after he left a Busia court.

The activist-cum-politician said a group of young men accosted him as he left the Busia court and stoned as he drove by.

His vehicle had a window broken, he said, prompting him to run for cover at the nearby Agricultural Training Centre. 

In February, Omtatah was involved in a minor road accident in the Ojolla area on the Kisumu – Busia highway.

A truck that was ascending the Ojola steep hill towards Maseno hit the senator’s saloon car that was heading towards Busia.

It is reported that the truck was ascending uphill when it developed a brake malfunction and began to roll back hitting Omtatah’s car on the right side.

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