TikTok Chef Sueh Owino Wins Applause From Kenyans After Spending 29 Hours Preparing Husband’s Meal

TikTok Chef Sueh Owino Wins Applause From Kenyans After Spending 29 Hours Preparing Husband's Meal

Sueh Owino, a popular TikToker, has won hearts online with her recent culinary adventures, which have the internet buzzing.
The cooking maverick, who in virtually all of her videos records herself preparing meals for her husband, this time went all the way out and took a stunning 29 hours to produce a dinner that was so delectable on camera.

Sueh opens her latest video, which is steadily gaining popularity, with the introduction, ‘You remember when my spouse urged me to do something organic? So, here we go!’

Sueh then expertly slices and seasons a goat leg before marinating it for a full 24 hours. Sueh then goes out to the garden and digs up the dirt to build a fireplace from scratch, complete with firewood, bricks, a spade, and ashes.

Sueh then removes the marinated goat leg from the refrigerator, covers it in banana leaf parchment, adds foil paper, and then places it in the smoldering fireplace before covering it with additional foil paper and adding soil.

Sueh retrieves the cooked meat from the fire pit five hours later, meticulously separating the flesh from the bone before presenting it to her family.

For thousands of years, indigenous peoples around the world have used the laborious cooking procedure known as pit barbeque.

Earth ovens are still widely used in the Middle East today.
Sueh’s expertise and patience while preparing goat meat for her family for nearly thirty hours sparked the internet and garnered her new followers in an instant.
So far, the video has received over 400k views and has even made its way to X (previously Twitter), where people have lavished her with love.
“Shoutout to Sueh Owino on TikTok!” wrote prominent X user @Cypriannyakundi in response to the video. This is true content production!”

The tweet received hundreds of likes and has since gone viral.

“Thank you for giving me some spotlight here!” Sueh replied to the tweet.
Another X user, @rameshsexena, joked, “Sueh Owino went to the garden, dug a hole, gathered wood, and built a fire just to cook her husband an organic meal.” Then there’s Achieng’ from Kochia, who can’t even get water to boil for his son’s morning tea. This planet!”
Sueh’s latest video has also prompted hundreds of people to petition big kitchen brands to collaborate with her and, at the very least, appoint her a brand ambassador.
Cebbie Koks, Akothee’s sister, thanked Sueh in May for continuing to cook for her man.

“I tried in the spirit of my husband, Sueh Owino.” My husband’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

On the second day, nilianguka punglu! She wrote, “Wakana na hii mambo ya content creators mtu anaweza kuf dead mbaya sana!”

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