Yesu wa Tongaren has been detained by the government.

Yesu wa Tongaren has been detained by the government.

Yesu Wa Tongaren, a self-proclaimed messiah, has been detained by the government and is set to be arraigned in the Bungoma Law Court. Yesu, whose real name is Wilson Chemase, was arrested in Tongaren, Bungoma County, on charges of incitement and creating public disorder.

The controversial figure has been in the spotlight in recent years due to his unconventional practices and beliefs, which have drawn criticism from some religious leaders and government officials. Yesu has claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and has a large following in the region.

The government’s decision to detain him has sparked mixed reactions, with some of his followers protesting against the move. However, authorities have defended the decision, saying that Yesu’s actions have caused unrest and posed a threat to public safety.

Despite his detention, Yesu remains defiant and has insisted that his lawyers will be the Sun and the Moon. This statement has puzzled many and raised questions about his mental state. His arraignment is set to take place in the coming days, and it remains to be seen what the outcome of the case will be.

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